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Are you interested in health massage and therapy or wellness treatments?

The choice is yours! We offer a wide range of varied applications. Health and therapy treatments can generally be prescribed by your family doctor or by the spa physician who is based here. Bring your prescriptions with you or book an appointment with our “family doctor”, Dr. Kobylka.

Therapy and recovery is available at the in-house practice for physical therapy of Dieter Kurz. Natural mud, massages and all the usual treatments ensure your optimum relaxation. Various courses are on offer from the Institute for the Promotion of Health in the basement of our hotel.

In our Beauty & Wellness Oasis suite, professional beauticians will pamper you with their skills and expert techniques. Wellness might not be available on prescription, but it is certainly part of a perfect holiday! Our beauticians and wellness masseuses will be pleased to make you feel completely at ease in our hotel. Allow yourself to be enchanted by soft sounds, warm colours and fragrant scents. We will ensure your physical and mental balance during your holiday.


Beauty & Wellness oasis

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Practice for physical therapy
Mr Dieter Kurz

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Onco train treatment

The “Onco train treatment” is a new, special oncological rehabilitation training programme. It is also part of the outpatient care available to you if you are enrolled in the German health insurance system.

Increasing numbers of people are affected by cancer. Providing treatment to and supporting this group of patients requires professional knowledge and skills. One focus of the treatment offered to people suffering from cancer is the provision of professional preventive care to the individual to ensure the stabilisation of their physical health.

The therapy aims to provide specific treatment to problems which are a consequence of the cancer or its medical treatment. These manifest themselves in the form of tension, dermatological changes, sensory disturbances as well as numbness and tingling, lymphoedema, muscle weakness, loss of fitness and (chronic) fatigue, for example.

We offer several treatment and care options especially for oncology patients. During these therapies, your physical fitness and the consequences of the medical cancer treatment as well as any side effects are consistently taken into account.

The “Onco train treatment” is a new, special oncological rehabilitation training programme.

If you are enrolled in the German health insurance system., this “Onco train treatment” is an integral part of the outpatient care at a certified health spa which you are entitled to (formerly outpatient spa treatment).

During the “Onco train treatment”, you get to know your body even better. You don’t just participate in training, you also relax. We therefore offer both individual and group therapy. On the basis of your particular prescription, for example, for physiotherapy including massage, lymphatic drainage or physiotherapy with the use of equipment, we can offer individual treatment which is always aligned to the specific requirements of each patient. In this respect it is naturally the case that either individual or group-oriented therapies in the unique sulphurous thermal spring water are also included.

An initial assessment takes place at the first appointment, with a detailed anamnesis and determination of the individual’s physical resilience. On the basis of the manageable group sizes and/or the number of patients in the personally-managed physiotherapy practices, individual patient care is also possible.

Due to the intensive staff support during the training, it is also possible to respond to the questions and personal needs of the individual at any time. This is ensured because the therapist works in close cooperation with the prescribing doctor during the “Onco train treatment”.

For further information, contact the physical therapy practice of Dieter Kurz on the following telephone number: 08531/21811

Thermal water drinking cure

Thermal water is effective against carcinogens and cholesterol!

Viennese researchers have discovered new modes of action offered by the sulphurous thermal water.

The thermal spring water from Bad Füssing has been famed for its healing power for several decades. Yet scientists are still finding new areas of action for this water from Bad Füssing, which is so valuable to our health. The healing effects of sulphurous thermal water for the treatment of joint diseases, rheumatism or back problems have been widely known for centuries. However, after five years of research, scientists in Vienna have discovered that as part of a drinking cure, sulphurous water also reduces the free radicals in the body and lowers the harmful LDL cholesterol homocysteine in the blood. “This gives sulphurous water applications a whole new status in terms of both the prevention of civilisation diseases and their treatment,” explains Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marktl from the Institute of Physiology at the University of Vienna and the Vienna International Academy of Holistic Medicine. “We have been able to show that sulphurous water strengthens resistance to oxidative stress and can therefore make a valuable contribution to preventive health care,” says Professor Dr Franz Holzer from the Institute for Sulphurous Water Research in Baden near Vienna.

Natural protection against free radicals

The protective mechanism of the body against the damaging effect of free radicals can be strengthened through the use of sulphurous water applications. Almost all civilisation diseases, such as diabetes and rheumatism, are influenced negatively by the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. The sulphur in the healing water also significantly reduces the homocysteine levels in the blood plasma. Homocysteine can sometimes be a triggering factor for heart attacks and strokes, depression or dementia in old age.

In a study with 2,000 participants at Bad Füssing which took place some time ago, after thermal water therapy in the sulphurous water thermal baths at Bad Füssing, 70 percent of the patients reported significant pain relief and a very considerable improvement in their mobility. The drinking cure with sulphurous waters, as offered by the Europatherme (note also the Thermenhotel Gass), represents a valuable addition to the bathing therapy.

Published on 5.11.2011 in Health & Wellness, print edition Bad Füssing, current at Nov. 2011.

You can also take a drinking cure at the Thermenhotel Gass. We are very pleased that in addition to the classic symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, gout and diabetes, we are also fighting cholesterol.