The Dieter Kurz physical therapy practice is located in our hotel, and can be reached comfortably in a bathrobe.

All the treatments of a spa treatment (outpatient care) are available here. All other treatments can be prescribed by the spa doctor or by your family doctor on prescription (all health insurance providers).

Appointments with the Dieter Kurz practice:
Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Saturday by appointment

Please reserve your desired date in good time directly at our reception on telephone 08531 2908-577

Energetic applications
Acupuncture massage, the Penzel technique
Acupuncture massage, the Penzel technique
Reflexology massage
Natural Fango
Fango pack on a water bed
Fango pack on a water bed
A gift for mind and body
The fango pack on a water bed treatment is a special treat. You will have warm HAURI vulcanite fango healing mud rubbed onto your body and then have time to relax on a warm water bed.
Lymphatic drainage (decongestive therapy)
Lymph drainage
Circular movements applied with a slight pressure push the fluids out of the tissues in the lymphatic system. The manual lymph drainage treatment is a great way to unwind and purify the body.
Classic massages
Conventional massage therapy
Deep tissue massage
Underwater massage
Carbon dioxide bath
Respiratory gymnastics
Electrotherapeutic bath tub
Manual therapy
Pelvic floor exercises
Ice pack
Sling table
Back school
Relaxation technique
(progressive muscle relaxation)
Heat treatment
Underwater gymnastics
Cold pack
Warm pack
Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking course
Beginner and advanced treatments
Pain therapy
Kein Eintrag
other applications
Medicinal bath with additives, e.g. peat
Fango massage
Healing clay
Full body massage
Aroma massage
This pleasurable and deeply relaxing massage mindfully loosens tensions and harmonizes the body. Valuable aromatic oils inspire the spirit and give inner balance.
Aroma full body massage
 Duration: ca. 50 min. € 59,-
Milk and oil pack
Ideal for dry, brittle skin.
Gentle spinal therapy, Dorn technique
Honey massage