Pure relaxation

Our good thermal water

Our healthy thermal water takes centre stage from every perspective.

It is the key element in Bad Füssing and on our premises. Our outdoor pool, which measures 11 x 5 m, contains the healing thermal water from Europe’s strongest sulphur spring – Therme 1 – and is open during the high season.

The water temperature in the outdoor pool is 31 to 33°C.

The outdoor thermal pool nestles in a well-maintained garden landscape with a sunbathing area and shady spots. Relaxation loungers are available around the pool, and also on multiple levels.

The water temperature in the indoor pool is 35°C to 37°C

The indoor pool and the adjacent wellness suite offer relaxation and warmth. Here, you can recharge your batteries and your health. The relaxation areas are flanked on both sides by the hotel and apartment building and hidden from the outside world.

Visit the thermal baths & saunas / enjoy a healthy holiday

Our fully renovated indoor thermal pool, open all year-round, measures 11 x 5 m and, like our outdoor pool, contains the healing thermal water from Therme 1. The water temperature here is 35 - 37°C.

The indoor pool is in the apartment building, which is directly connected to our hotel. Our physiotherapy practice and the Beauty & Wellness Balance suite are also located here. You can therefore get to all of the facilities comfortably in a cosy bathrobe.

We have created a pleasantly relaxing atmosphere around the beautiful indoor pool: relaxation loungers with a view of the green surroundings, an organic and Finnish sauna, an ocean climate cabin bath and a steam bath.

Sunny and fresh, cheerful and wonderfully comfortable. You’ll love relaxing here!

Our baths and cabins:

  • Outdoor thermal pool 7 am - 8 pm / Indoor thermal pool 7 am - 9 pm

  • Infrared cabin “d´Gsunde”

  • Organic sauna “d´Dufdade”

  • Steam bath “d´Dampfade”

  • Finnish sauna “d´Hoaße”

  • Ocean climate cabin “d´Soizige”

Outdoor thermal pool and sun patio

Our outdoor thermal pool measures 11 x 5 m, and contains healing thermal water from Therme 1. A jacuzzi bench makes your bathing experience perfect.

The water temperature here is 32 - 33°C.


The outdoor thermal pool is situated in the centre of the horseshoe-shaped building. It is conveniently accessible from all rooms by lift or stairs.

The outdoor pool is surrounded by a peaceful sunbathing lawn and the new sun patio with its excellent wellness loungers. Here you will find several sunny and shady spots and the peace and quiet you need so you can relax.