The healing power of water

enjoy our curative water

For more than 70 years, people in Bad Füssing have been benefiting from the wonderful deep springs with their curative sulphurous water. Every day, fresh thermal water flows the thermal spring I original source into our swimming pool and provides crucial impetus for recuperation and relaxation.

Whether for rheumatic conditions, spine conditions or chronic pain, the thermal water provides relief and a clear long-term improvement thanks to its unique composition of minerals and trace elements.

Range of applications

Rheumatic conditions
Chronic joint disorders, signs of wear on joints, muscle rheumatism, muscle tension, muscle hardness, nerve inflammation, nerve pain.
Cardiovascular and circulation problems
Hereditary diseases, as far as they are balanced, condition after myocardial infarction, nervous and functional heart problems, high-pressure and low-pressure disorders, vegetative dystonia.
After accidents, injuries, surgeries (posttraumatic postoperative paralysis), after stroke condition (half a year after the last attack). Consequences of spinal paralysis.
Metabolic disorders
Uric acid increase in blood, gout, bone decalcification.
Surgical aftercare
After bone fractures, bruises and joint injuries, bruises, muscle injuries; After operations on spine or joints, on muscle / tendon tissue; Muscle weakness, burns, scarring.
Spine conditions
Wear and tear on the vertebral bodies and vertebral joints, disc herniation, disc hernia, migraine, chronic inflammatory processes on the vertebral joints, intervertebral discs and ligaments, spine disability, spine weakness, deformation of the extremities and joints.
Gynaecological illnesses
Chronic inflammatory malignancies, adhesions complaints, hormonal and functional abdominal disorders.
General regeneration
Metabolic excitation, detoxification, relief of stress, exhaustion, Age complaints.
Circulation problems
Limb, intermittent limping, condition after vascular operations.
Acute inflammations of any type, severe physical states of exhaustion (cachexia), infectious diseases, as well as tuberculosis processes (where their inertness is not verified). Severe, unbalanced (decompensated) cardiovascular diseases. Condition after a heart attack (after 9 months at the earliest).